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LASH Hearing Assistance Program

The program provides low cost, quality hearing aids to needy individuals within the service area of District 22A.  Individuals meeting the financial need criteria of total annual household income not exceeding two or three times the Federal poverty guidelines are eligible for assistance.  Cost of hearing aids depends upon the income of the recipient and the type of aid provided and can vary. The type of aid provided depends upon availability and hearing loss of the client.  The price includes the aid, ear mold, fitting, instruction on care and use, and follow up consultation.

Cost of exam is the responsibility of the individual being helped, but is usually covered by Medicare or other insurance accepted by the service provider or may be waived in part or completely based on financial need.  In most cases proper correction of hearing deficiency requires aids for both ears. 

Referring clubs are expected to cover all costs beyond the ability of the client to pay.  LASH may be able to assist clubs with limited budgets.  If there is no Lions club serving the area where a needy individual lives, LASH will act as the referring Lions club depending on available funds.  LASH’s audiology services provider is the Speech, Language, and Hearing Center of the Wellbeing Center at Towson University.


LASH provides either new digital behind-the-ear aids with a full one year warranty or reconditioned aids with a one year warranty.  The new aids are the Lions Affordable Hearing Aid acquired from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF.)   Reconditioned aids are factory refurbished by Starkey and come with a one year warranty.  The type of aid provided and cost depends upon the income of the recipient.


The procedures to apply for assistance require a completed LASH Request for Hearing Assistance form and a LASH-Towson Reduced fee application form with required proof of income, and $25 application fee be submitted to the LASH Hearing Coordinator.  The LASH Hearing Coordinator will review information provided and, if client is eligible, send a referral to the Speech Language and Hearing Center with copies to client and referring club coordinator.

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